Mental Health First Aid – who is it for?

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Mental Health First Aid – who is it for?

Who needs mental health first aid training? Many people will benefit greatly from this training such as…

A Volunteer? Employee? Employer? Councillor? Friend? Colleague? A Manager? Charity? Business? A Teacher? A Doctor? Another Professional? Receptionist? MP? Yourself?
Mental health is EVERYBODY’S business. Including yours – looking after our own emotional wellbeing is really important.
Not sure who would benefit from MHFA training?   Think about the following – can you say yes

Do you (or someone you know)

Work with vulnerable people?

Vulnerable people may…..

  • Have a long term physical condition
  • Have had a life changing accident/condition
  • Have a sensory loss
  • Have experienced bullying
  • May have suffered abuse
  • May have experienced trauma
  • Have financial worries/experiencing poverty
  • Have lost their job
  • Feel excluded – BME or LGBT or for other reasons
  • Have a diagnosed mental health condition
  • Be homeless
  • Have recently ended a relationship/divorced or separated
  • Have addiction issues
  • Be carers/parents/guardians
  • Be feeling overwhelmed/stressed
  • Be feeling trapped
  • Be lonely/isolated
  • Have been bereaved, suffered a big loss
  • Have recently given birth
  • Have been in prison
  • There are lots of reasons why people may be vulnerable

And/Or Do You

  1. Make decisions about services/grants for any of these vulnerable groups?
  2. Report on these groups?
  3. Work as a Trustee, Governor, Director of a charity or organisation supporting these groups?
  4. Work as a teacher, social worker, police officer, fire fighter, prison officer, church official, ambulance worker or other emergency/professional service encountering these groups?
  5. Volunteer with these groups?
  6. Sometimes feel out of your depth with people’s emotional or mental health concerns?
  7. Wish you had more training around mental health issues in general?
  8. Want to update/refresh your training or consolidate it professionally?
  9. Witness other people you know or work with showing poor practice when dealing with vulnerable people?
  10. Hearstigmatising language used about people with mental health issues?
  11. Have colleagues, friends, etc who have needed help with their mental health?
  12. Know someone who has ended their life by suicide?
  13. Want to prevent people from becoming mentally unwell/getting worse?
  14. Want to make our society a more “mental health friendly” place
  15. Want to make our society a more compassionate place?

Answered “Yes” to any of these questions? You may well benefit from MHFA training – or you may have had someone else in mind who would benefit.  Please share this information with them
Staff – paid or volunteers – need training to equip them to do their job. Not being properly train leads to people experiencing stress themselves, and many people, staff or volunteers leave their roles because they feel they are left to cope with too much responsibility which they are ill prepared for.

You may also want to improve Wellbeing at Work for your organisation – this is a tremendous first step on that path way.

Mental Health First Aid training is the “go to” training with good reason – it is internationally acclaimed, recommended by many organisations such as Public Health England, Business in the Community, the Government etc etc. See mhfaengland,org for more details
We provide this training in Berkshire and surrounding areas See our courses here – how to sign up, when, where, costs etc. and more.

MHFA training is available at three levels – a half day “Awareness” course – which everyone should attend, a one day course which is suitable for people who want to become workplace “Champions” and the 2 day course which is recommended for anyone working with vulnerable people and those who want to become “First Aiders”.
As well as these Open Courses we can deliver the training “in house”to you. The minimum number is 8 people. Contact us to arrange training to fit your needs.

And finally – we are a Social Enterprise – we are motivated by getting the various training packages we provide out to as wide an audience as possible, so our costs are lower than recommended prices for this excellent training.
See our website page here for the other work we do and other training we deliver – including Wellbeing, Happiness and Resilience amongst others.

Contact us with any questions you may have, or if you want to book directly with us.  We look forward to hearing from you

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