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We provide solutions for workplace wellbeing

Our aim is to:

Create work communities that can flourish, be happier and productive

Provide (much needed) education about mental health and mental illness in an inspirational way

Provide organisations with great training and ideas to implement positive changes

Reduce stigma through knowledge, understanding and compassion

Make a positive difference to workplace culture

Empower individuals to protect their good mental

Support people in their recovery from mental illness

Why work with us


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We have delivered Mental Health First Aid training to over 1000 delegates in a wide variety of industries


For your workforce, you want this training to be impactful and a good use of their time. You can be assured that the session we provide will have that impact and inspire people.

These are typical comments from our training sessions

"One of, if not THE, best training courses I have attended. So well led by Anne-Marie"

"Fantastic - professional and personal experiences helped bring course to life"

"Anne-Marie was very warm & knowledgeable and spoke very well."

"Anne-Marie is a legend - an incredible teacher with insight and amazing skills"

"Excellent course and teacher"

"Anne-Marie was a brilliant, engaging and entertaining teacher. She spoke informatively and also from the heart"

"Anne-Marie is so knowledgeable and made the sessions really engaging. Thanks so much"

"Experienced, passionate instructor"

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About Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie set up Unlock Your Wellbeing in 2016, to deliver training in wellbeing and mental health matters. Particularly important was to deliver training that was inspirational, and that people remembered and where possible, acted on. For too long training has been dull and tedious – not any longer!

Anne-Marie has worked in Adult Social Care and Adult Mental Health for many years and has worked for national and local charities as a volunteer and employee.

One of her talents is to provide lots of practical and real-life examples of the very many experiences she has had and people she has worked with over the years. Her warm and humorous approach helps to reduce any fear people may have around mental illness. 

Anne-Marie has experienced significant mental illness in the past and is keen to demonstrate that people can and do recover from such illnesses. Recovery is an important part of her messages – the important message of hope.

With a unique combination of business, lived experience and employment Anne-Marie is an excellent choice to support you in your workplace wellbeing and mental health journey.

If you are interested to hear about the mental illness I had and its impact on my life, have a listen to this podcast. It is, eventually, a story of recovery and hope, which may help someone struggling now.

We are passionate about making the world a more compassionate place – especially workplaces, where we spend significant amounts of time.

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