I am passionate and enthusiastic about improving the wellbeing and happiness of people wherever they are, including in the workplace.

Qualified professionally and personally to provide great solutions.

Having had my own lived experience of mental illness, I now work tirelessly for people who are recovering.

I am a Copeland Centre trained facilitator for Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) which is the gold standard of mental health recovery. 

I am a Certified MHFA Instructor for the 2 Day, 1 Day and Half Day courses.

This gives you the flexibility to get the right training to for the right people – not a one size fits all.

My delivery style - I think you will like it

Having worked in Social Services, NHS and various charities supporting people with physical and mental health issues, I now work for myself delivering training sessions that I would want to attend

  • no boring “chalk and talk”,
  • no “death by Power Point”.  

Workshops and Speaker Events

A variety of subjects

  • Happiness
  • Wellbeing
  • Resilience
  • Stress management
  • Mental health

I am a founder and current Chair of Wellbeing in Wokingham Action Group (WIWAG). We promote wellbeing, talk about mental health issues and services and aim to reduce the stigma often associated with mental illness.

One of my aims in setting up my Social Enterprise was to increase the happiness of the communities I live and work in.  One of the ways I do this is by facilitating the Action For Happiness course “Exploring What Matters” in Wokingham and Reading areas.

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Ways I can help you improve your quality of life


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