The Importance of GRIT (first published by Ethical Reading)

Someone asked me back in January, if I had a “word” for the coming year. As it happened, I DID!  My word for 2020 had been “Grace”, for 2021 my word is GRIT. What is GRIT? One definition is “perseverance and passion for long-term goals.”  I often have an image …


5 Things you can do to reduce Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

We bring you 5 ways to prepare yourself for the coming season to give yourself the best chance of finding joy in the autumn/winter months  1. Notice the seasons change – be aware of how things look so very different – Autumn can be an outstanding time with it’s blazes of unbelievable …

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Being a Manager during Covid19

Managing staff in these Challenging times You are a Manager. Covid 19 has come along and impacted your team in many ways. Your workforce is working from home – as are you. How can you be a good manager in these unusual situations? Whilst you are a manager, one thing …

Emotions wheel
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Emo-Diversity – What is THAT??

  This is the Emotions Wheel It shows nearly 100 different emotions – and there are MANY more. So at it’s simplest level, Emo-diversity is recognising that as humans we are capable of a vast number of emotions. Emo-diversity is GOOD for our Wellbeing It isn’t reasonable to expect everyone …

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7 Ways to a More Meaningful Life

1. Be Happy Seems obvious right? Yet one of the barriers to happiness is that it is often seen as a self-absorbed, navel gazing, me! me! me! kind of activity. But research finds that this is not correct, demonstrating that happier people often care more about important causes.  There’s a …