Emotional First Aid

Emotional First Aid

Our newly developed course to help all humans deal with the emotional wounds – those “cuts & bruises” that really hurt. Like Failure, Loneliness, Rejection etc.

Our new course is aimed at individuals being able to care for their own wellbeing – what they CAN do to apply first aid to their own emotional wounds. Something we rarely consider and often try to ignore, push away, just get on with it etc etc – be that at work, play or with our family and friends.

Who is this for?

Anyone who has ever struggled with their emotions – which is EVERYONE. If you have ever felt Rejected? A failure? Lonely? Guilty? Painful emotions are common to us all, though we can feel very much on our own when we struggle.

What will you learn?

How to take charge of your emotions – not ignore them. Acknowledge them and deal with them. Much as we would like an easy ride through life, no-one gets through life without emotional pain. This course will encourage you to give some PRIORITY to holding on to positive emotions and what to do about some of those pesky ones!! How can we deal with the painful emotions in the best way?

You will?

⦁ Devise an Emotional First Aid kit
⦁ Prepare to CARE for your Emotional Wounds
⦁ Understand your Emotions – what they are and what they are trying to do
⦁ Befriend your Emotions
⦁ Understand YOUR Window of Tolerance and how to widen it.
⦁ Learn how to engage your WISE Mind and Nourish your SOUL
⦁ And much more

How might this be useful?

The knowledge you will gain will serve you well throughout your life. Whilst we cannot control everything that life throws at us, we can (with practice) control our response. You will leave with a wide range of resources that are usable straight away The course consists of 2 workshops each 2 hours in length. They are interactive, with a mix of resources and learning styles – discussions, powerpoint, videos etc.


Total cost of both sessions is just £750 for both sessions and all resources in your training room. If you don’t have a suitable venue there will be additional costs of hiring a suitable space. Each course is suitable for up to 16 participants – larger groups can be accommodated but will increase the cost due to increased resources (£5 per person)

Already Piloted To RAVE Reviews

“Flow was excellent and I could relate to most of the examples Anne-Marie shared. Most of all I love the reflection tasks she gave during the workshop and the ones after.”
“It has given me some tools to use when I am in a moment, to deal with it, instead of ignoring it and pushing it away.”
“Learnt a lot – 10 out of 10!”
“It has given me both personal and professional knowledge and tools.”
“Very useful, easy to understand, very relateable.”
“Well done. The course was fantastic.”
“Invited commentary and discussion - not just a PowerPoint presentation”
“Great course - it has everything you need”