Managing Mental Health & Understanding Mental Health

Introducing i-act for Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing

An effective, practical one day training to provide managers and practitioners with the skills needed to be proactive in achieving an improvement in their workplace wellbeing.


10 benefits of the i-act course

  • i-act practitioners and managers do not only improve the quality of people's lives, they also save lives.
  • i-act is an evidence-based course which is systematically reviewed every three years.
  • i-act is independently accredited by The Royal College of Psychaitrists.
  • i-act comes with a 168-page, evidence-based course manual, toolkit and resource pack.
  • i-act participants also gain access to online i-act resources.
  • i-act has fully flexible delivery to meet the needs of the client (full-day, half-day and bite-sized).
  • i-act comes with over 50 practical step- by-step tools and over 95 organisations to refer on to.
  • i-act was developed in the UK, has a UK evidence-base, and can be delivered anywhere in the UK and internationally (ideal for organisations with several offices around the UK and global companies).
  • i-act offers a ‘first-response’ approach to supporting someone in distress, it also maintains a pro-active approach to improving wellbeing in order to help build resilience and keep people well - hence i-act rather than re-act.
  • i-act offers specialist mental health training for executives, senior managers and line managers, as well as a general awareness course for employees/front-line workers.
“Excellent delivery. Good mix of personal and professional insights - used the group well to contribute meaningfully. Thank you.”
"Excellent course and well presented. Cemented my knowledge and increased knowledge in other areas. Fantastic Anne-Marie"
"Anne-Marie is instructive and confident on the curriculum” “Approachable, sympathetic, good humour"
"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. It has given me an opportunity to learn, reflect and practice. Recommended."
"Brilliant. Anne-Marie was really engaging and made some difficult subjects accessible"