Where Can WRAP Be Applied?

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Where Can WRAP Be Applied?

WRAP Part Four

I hope you feel you know a lot more about WRAP after reading the previous three Blogs.
Today we are going to see where WRAP can be applied – so although it started of as a fantastic and effective recovery tool for those recovering from mental ill health, it has been successfully applied to MANY different settings.

Here are a few examples

1. Living with a long term physical condition or disability (any condition or illness, eg diabetes)

2. Succeeding at work

3. Losing weight

4. Supporting recovery from addictions

5. For veterans adjusting to life after service

6. Resolutions, reaching a new goal

Is there something in your life that you would like to do better?? – write a WRAP for it – the principles are so flexible, everyone should have a WRAP for life! It is a strategic way of managing your life. And that can be life in general or specific issues – examples above, that you are dealing with.

If you would like to attend a WRAP group the best way is for this to take place in a group setting, so if you have a group and would like to book us to deliver sessions please get in touch. I can also deliver WRAP one to one if this is better for you personally, although that will not be as cost effective.
If you are an organisation who would like to find out more and commission us, we would be delighted to discuss this further with you so please get in touch. By choosing us to deliver this training you will be providing WRAP in a cost effective and value for money way.

Once you get bitten by the WRAP bug you will find it so supportive of your life, and will be able to manage your life so much better. You will unconsciously apply WRAP to many areas of your life, as the principles are widely applicable.  It is infectious!!

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