Jigsaw Discovery Tool

Jigsaw Discovery Tool

NEW! The remarkable Jigsaw Discovery Tool for You and Your Team

This will add to your self-awareness and self-knowledge in a very direct and accessible way – and you will have fun doing it.

Through a full day of training you will first identify your personal behaviour preference using a variety of indices – the main event being a JIGSAW OF YOU!

You will find this incredibly insightful. But that isn’t all. You will then learn about your colleagues’ behaviour preferences too. Which may well surprise you.

We will then go on to add a “So What?” section. How can we apply this? What does it mean? You will learn about its application to communication which is VITAL in this day and age when we are trying to get our voice heard. Find out how to appeal to a variety of “types”.

It can help with marketing, sales, teamwork, leadership and understanding why some things “STRESS” some people more than others. A real opportunity to understand yourself and others in a meaningful and practical way – and did we mention – it’s a LOT of FUN too.

Contact us to bring this training to your organisation – you will be talking about it LONG after we have gone – it really has a huge impact wherever it is delivered.

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