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Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is First Aid - but for mental health rather than physical health. 

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Begin your journey to positive mental health & wellbeing in your organisation

Mental Health First Aid at Work

You are more likely to come across someone needing mental health first aid than someone having a heart attack – and yet workplaces and community groups routinely only have physical first aid available. This needs to change and we are part of that change – delivering MHFA training for Adults. There is also an ongoing campaign (check it out here) to have MHFA put on the same legal basis as physical health first aid – it isn’t law – YET. You may be getting ahead of the curve.

MHFA England Refresher Training

Half Day course to refresh knowledge and skills – recommended every 3 years.
Wherever you had your original training, we can provide the follow up Refresher training.

Additionally – for all MHFAiders Unlock Your Wellbeing now offers:
Support & Reflective Practice package

Developed by Unlock Your Wellbeing – we saw the need for this kind of support and are delighted to be offering this now.

Aim of our Support and Reflective Practice

To give people the space and time to consider their role and how they have been implementing it.

To inspire confidence and commitment to this important role, to reduce likelihood of people dropping out.

To give people the time to practice skills, to ensure a good level is maintained.

You may have received your initial training by us OR another organisation. It doesn’t matter which. You can sign up for this support package (we can also help with implementation). We want all MHFAiders to do their job and we will do whatever we can to help you to achieve this. We recommend every quarter – so 4 times a year, maximum group size of 16, and we can include support to the lead person who has responsibility for organising in your organisation. You are NOT alone.


We want to ensure that MHFAiders themselves feel supported and remain confident in their skills and knowledge base. 

It can take time for the role of MHFAider to be implemented following the training

There can be long gaps between MHFA conversations, leading to a potential drop in a MHFAiders confidence of their skills. 

Refreshing skills and knowledge can be useful.