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Lunch 'n' Learns

Keep wellbeing on the Agenda Regular Workshops & Talks (Lunch 'n Learns)​

Reducing Stress
Keeping your stress levels in the “positive zone” and not putting you at risk of burn out or mental illness. Find out what stress is and what YOU can do to stay in control of IT rather than IT being in control of YOU. Practical, evidence-based advice and suggestions which will benefit you – and because we have a terrific, but simple model, you will be able to share it with everybody you care about!
Increasing Resilience
What are the secrets to bouncing back well from adversity? Come and spend an hour with us to find out. We will give you so many ideas and bricks to start building your resilience NOW so that if/when life throws you a bunch of lemons – well you will know how to make lemonade (figuratively speaking!)
Unhelpful Thinking Traps
Our brains can be tricky at times and deeply unhelpful to us. They can trap us in ways of thinking which can be really damaging and hold us back in our lives and/or make us very unhappy and miserable. Come and find out what they are – you will recognise them all! And, just as importantly what you can do about them
Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
Restorative sleep is so closely correlated with wellbeing and happiness, yet so many people struggle with achieving It on a regular basis. We strip back to the basics and come up with practical, evidence-based ways of ensuring your sleep is improved. Please don’t put up with poor quality sleep – it is the bedrock of good self-care.
Secrets to Happiness
Did you know “Happiness” is studied at many Universities across the world? There now exists a Science of Happiness and that is what this session is all about. Who doesn’t want to be happier? Yet many of the things we think will make us happy actually have no effect – come and be surprised! Happiness in the workplace is so important – what can you do to achieve it? You will leave with the secrets to happiness that science has discovered!
5 Ways to Wellbeing
The 5 evidence-based activities which will improve your wellbeing. Come and find out what they are, how you can incorporate them in your personal life as well as in the workplace. Achieving a balance in these 5 activities is key – if you are out of balance in one area it could help explain why your wellbeing is not as good as it could be.
We are often quite mean and cruel to ourselves – our negative self-talk would shock people heard it. And we wouldn’t dream of talking to others like that. But we can turn this around and learn to be compassionate to ourselves. A word of warning, self-compassion is not self-indulgence and is often the Hard thing to do rather than the Easy thing. Everyone deserves to hear about self-compassion and what it means
Laughter Yoga
Great fun and a good energising way to connect people. Pretend laughter evokes the same physiological responses in your body as a real laugh does – it gets all the lovely “happy hormones” surging into your blood stream, chasing away cortisol and adrenaline. And that pretend laughter soon becomes real when we do the “exercises” – note these are not yoga poses, you do not need special clothes or a mat. Give it a try – laugh with your colleagues – “a team who laugh together bond together!”
"Excellent course and well presented. Cemented my knowledge and increased knowledge in other areas. Fantastic Anne-Marie"
"Very clear and very good presentation” “Anne-Marie is very knowledgeable and helpful"
"Excellent. Everyone was 100% engaged for the 2 full days. I feel I have learnt so much"
"Anne-Marie was a brilliant, engaging and entertaining teacher. She spoke informatively and also from the heart"
"Anne-Marie is so knowledgeable and made the sessions really engaging. Thanks so much"