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We provide solutions for workplace wellbeing.

Inspirational wellbeing
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We provide solutions for
workplace wellbeing.

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Mental Health Training

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"Anne-Marie was a brilliant, engaging and entertaining teacher. She spoke informatively and also from the heart"
"Excellent course and well presented. Cemented my knowledge and increased knowledge in other areas. Fantastic Anne-Marie"
"Anne-Marie is instructive and confident on the curriculum” “Approachable, sympathetic, good humour"
"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. It has given me an opportunity to learn, reflect and practice. Recommended."
"Brilliant. Anne-Marie was really engaging and made some difficult subjects accessible"

Mental Health

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"We in Honeywell Aerospace recognise that mental health is as important as physical health and we have been working closely with Anne-Marie and unlock your wellbeing to enable us as a multinational organisation to move forward in this space. We have trained mental health first aiders at many sites as well as working on a holistic first aid programme and procedures where mental and physical health support will be combined. Naturally, we could not have progressed without the support and expertise of Anne-Marie. She has been inspirational and whichever site she went to, we have received glowing reports on her dedication to, and knowledge of the subject. Our plans are to continue engaging with unlock your wellbeing so we can have a leading best practice around mental health and genuine support for our employees."
honeywell aerospace
Honeywell Aerospace
"Anne-Marie’s natural, easy style of training has meant word of mouth has been the best way in encouraging employees to attend her sessions, in the last couple of years she has delivered a range of subjects including Mental Health First Aid, I-act training for managers, Mental Health Awareness, Sleep Hygiene and Happiness, all with excellent feedback. In ensuring a culture at Sun Life which holds employee health and wellbeing as priority, Anne-Marie has been fundamental in helping us achieve this. "
Sun Life Financial of Canada
“Over the last two years Anne-Marie has worked with Ethical Reading extensively on our Workplace Wellbeing initiative, presented several meetups and is a great ambassador for us. Her input is always constructive and of a high standard and feedback on her meetup presentations is consistently outstanding. She is highly effective at what she does and we love her dearly!”
ER 3
Ethical Reading
"Anne-Marie worked with us to deliver a number of half-day Mental Health Awareness sessions earlier this year.  Staff responded really well to her down-to-earth and authentic style and we had very positive feedback.  During the Covid-19 pandemic she delivered us a series of one hour zoom sessions focusing on wellbeing, resilience and happiness - and practical steps you can take to improve these - which worked really well and were again very well-received by staff."
Surrey 2
Surrey Heath Borough Council
"To this day probably the most inspiring course I have ever attended and the only course that has changed me as a person  What Anne-Marie gave us all was hope and understanding and the passion that we could support others. She is truly worth her weight in gold…..and someone in my lifetime I will never forget."
"Anne-Marie has worked with the WAM recovery college since the early days in 2018 as a tutor of the Happiness and WRAP courses. These courses are always well received by our students and we have found some of our best attended sessions have been the ones where she is the tutor. We have enjoyed collaborating with Anne-Marie as she is highly organised in her approach and we can always guarantee best value from her services. We can see how dedicated she is and works to a very high standard which means we always have positive outcomes in terms of the overall benefits to our students."
Opportunity Recovery College

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