How We Work With You

How we work with you

We know poor mental health is costing businesses billions of pounds and investing in staff mental health is good for business too. Healthy people are happier, more engaged and more productive.

But where do you start? We will help you see a pathway forwards – so you are not overwhelmed.

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Our first job, when we start working with you is to listen to you. Listen to you and find out what you want to achieve, how your workplace is, what you have so far, any experiences (good or bad) around mental illnesses within your workforce etc etc.

We offer a range of mental health and wellbeing training, which you can pick and mix – creating a unique combination to fit YOUR situation. For example, we have worked with some organisations, who have decided to just have mental health awareness training provided to all their employees. Others have wanted us to train enough employees as Mental Health First Aiders – and some have kept us on to support their MHFAiders to ensure they were able to continue their role. Others have had us deliver the i-act Managing Mental Health to all their Line Manager. And some have had us deliver a mix of different MHFA courses.

We are able to adapt our solutions to fit your organisations culture and your workforce. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to ensure we come up with a plan that is positive and provides solution focused outcomes for your organisation

We want the impact of our training in your organisation to be successful. Many people we have worked with have started off with one training package and added to it as things became clearer to them. You do NOT need to have it all worked out from day one – we can deliver training, leave you to implement the learning, then move onto the next stage.

With regard to the Mental Health First Aider training – 2 day course, we strongly recommend that you agree to working with us in the year following training to support your new MHFAiders. This will ensure that you get the best out of the training – it isn’t a tick box exercise. We will provide support and reflective practice to the MHFAiders and also help with ideas for implementation, how to manage the MHFAiders, record keeping, rotas etc. Generally, this is a half day, 4 times a year, but again we will listen to what you think too. See our 2 day mental health first aider page for more information.

We can deliver briefings to Senior Management Teams to help you get the essential buy in at that level.

We can deliver talks and workshops on an ongoing basis around wellbeing issues – some organisations have “Wellbeing Wednesdays” or similar, where they provide a wellbeing session. See this page for our Lunch’n’Learns.

We can be part of Team Away Day Training or deliver talks at events you may run. We really want to help you keep wellbeing on the agenda as part of that improved workplace culture.

We can also provide other professionals who can deliver sessions on other topics, such as Yoga, Mindfulness, Diet & Nutrition etc.