Let’s NOURISH our SOULS – maybe that is what you need to do right now?

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Let’s NOURISH our SOULS – maybe that is what you need to do right now?


Perhaps you were thinking of giving up on something or the opposite, doing more and more? We humans try many things to numb or avoid or escape what we really need.

Instead – how about finding ways to NOURISH our souls with AWE using our senses.

How about:
1. Look – view our marvellous wonderful world, give your eyes a TREAT – a view, a tree, or meadow or garden, the stars at night. Try viewing it from a different angle – zoom in or out, or what about looking at the world upside down!!! Laughter is to be encouraged – you’re doing it right

2. Taste – something different? Something new? Try a new recipe or new fruit/vegetable/spice/herb. Doesn’t matter if you don’t like it – you have tried it and have your own view of what it tastes like. Sometimes we need to try things more than once (though I still can’t say I love olives yet, despite many trials!). Savour your food for longer – keep on chewing (and chewing)

3. Listen – to music that makes YOUR heart soar. Stravinsky? Stormzy? Steps? – it doesn’t matter what. Try a podcast – lots to choose from, something funny? Enlightening? Entertaining? Educational? Inspiring? Or listen to a friend or colleague – really listen, don’t interrupt, let THEM talk.

4. Feel – water over your skin – hot/cold, as you shower or wash up. Stroke your pet/child/partner, feel the grass under your bare feet, sand between your toes. Tap a rhythm on anything – it doesn’t matter what, a pan or table or your leg. Skip, balance on one leg, bounce on a trampoline. Feel – you are ALIVE

5. Smell – savour the smell of your food, including as you are cooking or preparing it, the new jar of coffee etc before you devour it. Smell the roses or lavender or freshly cut grass, notice the smell of your shampoo/shower gel or bubble bath. And who doesn’t love the smell of fresh bedding???

So, try some of these, refresh your soul, brighten your senses, let yourself feel AWE at this marvellous world we live in – move away from jaded to jaunty. Enjoy the DELICIOUSNESS of life.

Plan some of these into your day – and also be prepared for them to surprise you too. You have permission to take a moment and ENJOY LIFE.


Unlock Your Wellbeing August 2021

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