Mental Health Awareness Training

We also have our own Unlock Your Wellbeing Certified Mental Health Awareness Course. A half day course with the following aims:

To learn more about mental health and mental illness

To understand the damage that stigma around mental illness does

To understand stress and learn ways to stay in control

To have a better understanding of suicide in the UK

Enable you to start a conversation with someone who may be struggling emotionally

To know the sources of support, treatment and how to stay well

To look after your own mental health & wellbeing

This Mental Health Awareness course will give you a fantastic starting point. On completing the course, you will have a lot more knowledge and confidence around mental health matters and feel inspired and informed as to what to do next.  Making decisions from that more informed place is MUCH easier – things will be much clearer for you.

We developed this course to make Mental Health Awareness much more accessible and affordable, thinking in particular of small and medium sized businesses. We only charge £750 for this excellent training, and each participant receives our great booklet, certificate and even a pen!! Suitable for up to 20 people in your training space. This workshop can also be delivered online.

"Anne-Marie was a brilliant, engaging and entertaining teacher. She spoke informatively and also from the heart"
“Excellent course and well presented. Cemented my knowledge and increased knowledge in other areas. Fantastic Anne-Marie”
“Very clear and very good presentation” “Anne-Marie is very knowledgeable and helpful”
“I strongly recommend – it was a great course to improve my knowledge” “It was very informative and easy to understand. Thank you so very much”
“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. It has given me an opportunity to learn, reflect and practice. Recommended.”