Mary Ellen Copeland and her colleagues devised the Wellness Recovery Action Plan around 20 years ago in America. It is a wonderful tool for anyone anywhere to use to live better lives and to be resilient when life throws the inevitable curved ball. It was devised for those recovering from mental ill health, but has a lot to offer anyone.

There is a huge and growing amount of evidence of its efficacy. See Copeland Centre website for further information. mentalhealthrecovery.com

WRAP gives people the time and space to really get to know themselves, their strengths, their preferences, what makes them tick. It asks questions such as - What do you need to do everyday to keep you well? What are the triggers that you need to identify and to plan for? What are the signs that all is not as it should be and if you experience them - what are you going to do about it?
It is a comprehensive plan which give people a clear pathway to follow in many different circumstances.

WRAP is the Gold Standard for those recovering from mental ill health (though we believe that people recovering from ANY condition - or none, would benefit from it). 

Download FREE a Mini Crisis Plan - fold along the lines and you have a small wallet sized plan to carry around with you.

“Anne-Marie did an amazing job”

“Anne-Marie was excellent and helped to motivate me to feel better”

“Approachable, sympathetic, good humour”  

“Anne-Marie was excellent – thank you” 

Are you a Recovery College? Do you want to offer WRAP to your students. Or are you a CMHT wanting to offer WRAP to groups? Anne-Marie is a Copeland Centre Accredited Facilitator who can deliver WRAP to your groups, which is an extremely cost efficient way of delivering this fantastic programme. It is recommended that it is delivered in 6 two hour sessions

Anne-Marie can also deliver to staff who want to find out more about WRAP.
(We can be flexible with these delivery schedules.)

We can also offer WRAP one to one if this is your preferred option, though you may gain more from attending a WRAP group.

Also see our other Recovery workshops here and also our blog

Flexible delivery options

Please Contact us to find out how we can help you to provide this powerful and highly recommended self management plan.