Getting the best out of each member of your team ensures the overall efficiency of any organisation. You are only as strong as your weakest link. Strong personalities, unhappy cultures and poor communication can mean that staff teams become a problem. It doesn't have to stay like this - change can happen. People can be supported to work as a team and work for a common goal


Stress is not all bad - it can really help motivate and inspire us, help us be creative and meet deadlines. If stress becomes a permanent feature, before long we begin to creak under the weight of it. Some people can tolerate more than others, but we all have our "tipping point". We may then become unwell physically or mentally. Our bodies are messaging to us the distress it is feeling - and we need to listen.

Health & Wellbeing

A thriving happy workforce is what we want to achieve - people working to their potential, with their needs met and policies in place to ensure equity. We also want people to be healthy - physically and mentally and have a culture that is conducive to this. The payback is a healthy workforce, less sickness absence and more efficiency. Contact us - we can help your workplace achieve improved wellbeing

Short sessions to improve wellbeing at work

Coffee 'n' Chat or Lunch 'n' Learn sessions are the perfect way to bring bite-sized wellbeing education in to your workplace. Sessions such as:

"How science can help us to be happier"

"Resilience - bounce back from set-backs"

"Stress - deal with it effectively"

"Wellbeing - be the best you can"

NEW - Online Courses

Managing Mental Health i-act course for managers

MANAGERS - Working From Home? Supporting staff?Why not complete the i-act (for positive mental health and wellbeing) training?

Take part in the 3.5-hour instructor led live online i-act training! Training is allowed if you are furloughed so why not make good use of this time? Receive the hard-copy evidence-based 168-page i-act course manual, toolkit and resource pack (delivered directly to your home address).

Learn about mental health issues and how they affect the workplace and what YOU CAN DO to support your teams. Learn how to be proactive about wellbeing, creating a culture where people can thrive, recover and flourish in their workplaces. Practical, interactive, inspiring. You will leave brimming with ideas to take to your workplace. And you will personally benefit from what you learn too.

Your registration/certification as an i-act (for positive mental health and wellbeing) manager lasts for three years, as does your access to the online i-act resources.Book onto our online course on May 20th here:

Mental Health First Aid England “Aware” Course -online

Our online half day course is an introductory four hour session to raise awareness of mental health.It is designed to give you: 

  • An understanding of what mental health is and how to challenge stigma
  • A basic knowledge of some common mental health issues 
  • An introduction to looking after your own mental health and maintaining wellbeing
  • Confidence to support someone in distress or who may be experiencing a mental health issue

Cost – MHFA England values this course at £125 per person. We charge just £99pp (plus booking fee)

What to expect

Learning takes place through a mix of presentations, group discussions and workshop activities. We limit numbers to 20 people per course so that the instructor can keep people safe and supported while they learn.Everyone who completes the course gets: 

  • An MHFA manual to refer to whenever you need it 
  • A workbook including a helpful toolkit to support your own mental health
  • A certificate of attendance to say you are Mental Health Aware 

Booking for our next course on June 2nd here:

Unlock Your Wellbeing “Mental Health Awareness”course

Whether you are a Manager, work in HR or an individual, you want to learn more about mental health issues – right?

Our NEW online half day Mental Health Awareness course will give you a fantastic starting point. On completing the course, you will have a lot more knowledge and confidence around mental health matters and feel inspired and informed as to what to do next. Making decisions from that more informed place is MUCH easier – things will be much clearer for you.We developed this course to make Mental Health Awareness much more accessible and affordable. We only charge £50 for this excellent training, and each participant receives our great booklet, certificate and even a pen!! This is for up to 20 people in your training space.You can book onto our next course on June 30th here:

Our Own Mental Health Awareness Training

Half Day Training. 3.5 hours for up to 20 people

Suitable for all workplaces and groups

It can feel a little overwhelming to take on a wellbeing at work project. Many organisations really WANT to make a positive difference in their workplace, especially around mental health matters – but how to start?


Introducing i-act for Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing

An effective, practical one day training to provide managers and practitioners with the skills needed to be proactive in achieving an improvement in their workplace wellbeing.

10 benefits of the i-act course

  • i-act practitioners and managers do not only improve the quality of people’s lives, they also save lives.
  • i-acis an evidence-based course which is systematically reviewed every three years.
  • i-act is an independently accredited course with certified CPD points.
  • i-act comes with a 168-page, evidence-based course manual, toolkit and resource pack.
  • i-acparticipants also gain access to online i-act resources.
  • i-act has fully flexible delivery to meet the needs of the client (full-day, half-day and bite-sized).
  • i-accomes with over 50 practical step- by-step tools and over 95 organisations to refer on to.
  • i-act was developed in the UK, has a UK evidence-base, and can be delivered anywhere in the UK and internationally (ideal for organisations with several offices around the UK and global companies).
  • i-act offers a ‘first-response’ approach to supporting someone in distress, it also maintains a pro-active approach to improving wellbeing in order to help build resilience and keep people well - hence i-act rather than re-act.
  • i-act offers specialist mental health training for executives, senior managers and line managers, as well as a general awareness course for employees/front-line workers. 

"The workshops are done in a way that challenges the way I think but I think will help me in the long run.”

“Enjoyed it very much”

“Eye opener”

“Will think differently”

“I enjoyed the session. Well presented. Good flow and relevant info. Just right.”

“Very informative/good suggestions” 


A Free 20-minute phone consultation will determine if our Wellness At Work programme is right for your company, and explore how I can help.


Mental Health in the Workplace

  • At any one time one worker in six will be experiencing depression, anxiety or issues relating to stress.
  • The total number of cases of work related stress, depression or anxiety in 2014/15 was 440,000
  • In 2013, mental ill health cost the UK economy £70 billion
  • The total cost to employers of mental health issues among their staff is estimated at nearly £26 billion each year. That is equivalent to £1,035 for every employee in the UK workforce
  • 15.2 million days of sickness absence across the UK in 2013 were caused by stress, anxiety or depression
  • The total cost of sickness absence due to mental ill health to employers is estimated at nearly £8.4 billion each year. That is equivalent to £335 for every employee in the UK workforce
  • 76% of line managers believe they are responsible for employee wellbeing, but only 22% have received training

    For sources see MHFA England

For more information, see our blog