Spring clean your life – How? With Life Coaching!

Part One of a two part article.

Does the arrival of Spring make you feel like having a spring clean?  What about having a Spring Clean of your LIFE?

Life Coaching can really help with this. If you are not familiar with Life Coaching here are a few questions and answers that might help you to see what Life Coaching is and what it can help with.

Dispelling the myths around Life Coaching

It would be true to say that less is known about Life Coaching than some other disciplines. There is a definite layer of mystery surrounding what Life Coaching is and isn’t.  I hope to dispel some of these myths, because Life Coaching is hugely effective and more people deserve to know about its benefits. Many people who are going through a tough time in life may think about Counselling, for example, as something that might help them. And for some situations this would be the best solution. But Life Coaching can be a brilliant alternative for many people – read more to find out how and why.

What is Life Coaching and is it the same as counselling?

Life Coaching sits somewhere between counselling and having a really good heart to heart with a great friend. It has the benefits of both, without the downside of either and has its own benefits on top.

So unlike some counselling, Life Coaching doesn’t see you as “ill” or “broken” or “needing help”. It doesn’t medicalise or pathologise your life. The power is equal between you and your Life Coach – there is no “expert” and “patient”. A Life Coach is a professional who is supporting you to find clarity around the best way forward to identify your goals and reach your potential. It recognises that you are the expert on you – it is highly tailored to you as an individual. Confidentiality is also key, so that you feel safe to freely explore what is happening or what you want to happen.

And unlike a great friend, a Life Coach will truly listen and not give advice or tell you “what they did when it happened to them”. A Life Coach has no preconceptions, no agenda. You don’t have to present as a perfect person – you can, (sometimes for the first time) be who you truly are.

I don’t have time!

Having the space and time to consider what is going well and where you would like to make changes in your life sounds so simple and obvious. A Life Coach will help you use the time you take out of a busy schedule very well. They support you to find your own solutions – solutions unique to you that will work for the unique person that you are.

Can it help me make decisions – and if so how?

You may have been trying to make up your mind about something, thoughts running round and round in your head, even discussing it endlessly with others, and yet still not have been able to decide the best way forward? It is within the Life Coaching session that you will have the opportunity to consider what would best fit with the person that you are. Sessions may look at your values and beliefs, your drivers and motivation, your thoughts and experiences. The way that this is done leaves you in control, because you are the person who knows what has happened so far in your life, what great future is possible and what goals you want to achieve.

I feel OK sometimes but other times I feel like life is passing me by?

Sometimes you might feel as though you are just “surviving” and what you really want is to be “thriving”.  Or you may be feeling a bit like “a square peg in a round hole” – and there are very many people who feel like this for a variety of reasons.  Feeling like this is actually very stressful, and the longer it goes on the more damaging it is to your self-esteem. Getting to who you really are and what you really want will allow you to make decisions from a more informed position.

Determining where it is you need to focus right now, what is important and how to reach your potential, are all part of the Life Coaching process. Sometimes it helps you discover an unknown “Blind Spot”. We ask you questions that allow you to see you and your life, both as it is, – but also with fresh eyes.

How else might Life Coaching help?

There are many and varied reasons why people choose to work with a Life Coach. Reasons can be random and seemingly small – and it is often surprising where Life Coaching can go from the initial issue.  Life coaching is not exclusively for the high flyers in life – personal Life Coaching can support people in many areas of their lives – relationships, work, finding a way forward after a setback, health issues, increasing self-confidence and self-esteem as well as self-knowledge.

Next time………………

In Part Two find out

  • What goes on in a Life Coaching session
  • Cost of Life Coaching
  • Finding the best Life Coach for you  and MORE!

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