Part 2 – All About Life Coaching

Part 2 (of Two Blogs) Answering Questions About Life Coaching

What are Life Coaching sessions like?

Life Coaching can be challenging and often fun; it is often surprising – in an interesting way.  It will make you think – again, in an interesting way. Everyone is such a unique and special person within the Life Coaching setting so there is little wonder that sessions are as individual as the person. After a session, most people feel very energised and motivated. In between sessions a lot of “work” continues with people thinking in new ways and behaving differently too.

Can I get Life Coaching on the NHS?

From my work as a Life Coach I now believe that much human unhappiness could be eliminated by people having Life Coaching as a kind of “Wellbeing MOT”, to keep people happy, strong and resilient. If I could I would prescribe this for people every couple of years, to top up their wellbeing and emotional health. As it isn’t available on prescription, people do have to pay for it – and hopefully make a decision in favour of investing time, effort and money in themselves to boost their lives and increase their wellbeing.

How can I justify the cost of Life Coaching?

People make decisions all the time about what to spend their money on – holidays, spa treatments, gym memberships, and invest in various “treats” for themselves.  Life Coaching is a very worthwhile investment – and it may even help you realise where to best spend your money (as well as time and effort) to achieve a better life for yourself. You can find a Life Coach at your own financial level – there are some Life Coaches who are extremely expensive and therefore rather exclusive, but there are many more who are much more affordable

How do I know which Life Coach is the right one for me?

Shop around! Look on Life Coach Directory (who only list Life Coaches who are qualified, insured and supervised) for Life Coaches in your area (although with SKYPE you can look for Life Coaches anywhere)  and check out their websites – see what “vibe” they give – if it looks good to you give them a call. Most Life Coaches offer a free consultation to see if Life Coaching would help you. Ask many questions at that time. Having a great rapport with your Life Coach is the most important thing – are they going to be able to help you with your situation? Do you feel that you can trust them? Can you be honest with them? Do you feel comfortable talking to them? Remember you are in charge – you should never feel pressured – that is not a good sign. Check out their confidentiality policy to make sure that your discussions will not be disclosed to anyone. Try more than one until you find one that you feel is right for you.

Where do Life Coaching sessions take place?

Many Life Coaching sessions take place in public places, like cafes, hotel foyers, or other suitable locations. Others may take place at your place of work if appropriate. Some have consulting rooms available – there is quite a variety. Many people have sessions over SKYPE as it has many benefits in terms of ease of access. Others prefer to meet in person because of all the benefits that provides. It really is up to you.

Main points –

  •      Life Coaching can help with many of life’s challenges, Counselling is not necessarily what you need
  •      Life Coaching can really help you make positive decisions
  •      Life Coaching can help you identify and reach your goals
  •      Life Coaching is a really worthwhile investment in YOU and your future
  •      Good rapport is essential between you and your Life Coach
  •      The Life Coach Directorylists only those who have been trained, insured and are supervised
  •      Life Coaching can help you thrive and really live your life
  •      Life Coaching is not scary, intimidating, exclusive or “not for the likes of me”.

Need to know more?

Life Coaching is life enhancing, positive and effective. It is a very enjoyable experience too.  Many people have benefitted from Life Coaching – who have discovered things about themselves, and have found ways to free themselves from unhappiness, who have reached great goals and made great decisions to go forward in life with greater clarity.

You only live once – let’s make your life the best it can be.

I hope you will give yourself this gift and call me for your free consultation on 07963 733 328.

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