Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)


Mental Health First Aid is First Aid - but not for physical health. This is a course to equip you with the skills to help if you come across anyone in emotional or mental distress. You are more likely to come across someone needing mental health first aid than you are having a heart attack - and yet workplaces and community groups routinely only have physical first aid available. This needs to change and we are part of that change - delivering MHFA training for Adults.

Why do the training? - People come on the courses for a variety of reasons - they work with vulnerable groups who may be more likely to exhibit emotional or mental distress. Or they may be a line manger who wants to do the best for his staff by finding out how to support someone at work who may become distressed. Or their work is customer facing and they need the skills in case they are required - just as a physical first aider is prepared to intervene if and when needed.

As well as the "gold standard" 2-day first aider course, we also provide the following

  • 1-day - MHFA "Champion" Course developed particularly for the workplace
  • Half day - MHFA "Awareness" course, suitable for everyone over 16

Some interesting research by MHFA England found that 80% of delegates have managed their own mental health better since attending the training - this is a hugely beneficial "side effect".

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Open MHFA Courses

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2 Day Mental Health First Aid Training.

Inspiring. Educational. Practical

Date - 12th and 13th March 2020

Location - Thames Valley LEP, Green Park, Reading, RG2 6GP

Cost - £210 per person (includes all resources, lunch and refreshment)

Why do this course?

It will provide you with knowledge, skills and confidence to support someone who may be struggling with their mental health. You could even save a life by knowing how to help someone who is suicidal. And you will also learn the importance of caring for your own mental health too.

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Our Own Mental Health Awareness Training

Half Day Training. 3.5 hours for up to 20 people

Suitable for all workplaces and groups

It can feel a little overwhelming to take on a wellbeing at work project. Many organisations really WANT to make a positive difference in their workplace, especially around mental health matters – but how to start?


"Very engaging and naturally humorous" 

"Good explanations of tricky subject"

"Confident - calm safe pair of hands"

"A natural presenter"

"Confident & informative"

"Exudes calm and confidence" 

"Her natural humour enhanced the session"

"Clearly knows her stuff"


  • Mental health issues are common
  • As a society we discriminate against people with mental ill health
  • We are not well informed about mental health or mental ill health
  • People may sometimes lack the insight to realise that they need help or that help is available
  • Professional help is not always on hand
  • The majority of us don’t know how to respond
  • Stigma still exists and is holding people back from getting help with their mental health condition.
  • Over 6,100 people every year end their lives by suicide in the UK.
  • Trained to help spot the early signs of possible illness and supporting the person to get help - (along with all the other skills you will learn), can help to reduce this.