Health & Wellbeing Workshops

Increasing Happiness,  Wellbeing and Resilience

FATIGUE - Living life better

This fabulous "Wellbeing Matters" course will leave you brimming with happiness and wellbeing. We will discuss what makes us happy, what keeps us well and how we can increase our resilience to deal with what life throws at us.
It is a fun and interactive course which you will enjoy. It will also help you to find ways of holding on to that precious wellbeing long after the workshop has ended.  to deliver to your team, group or organisation. Many individuals, groups, charities and other similar organisations have experienced this course.
It also makes a great team learning experience - great for team bonding.  Delivery is very flexible - it can be delivered in 2 full days but is best delivered over 6 two hour sessions.
Elements can be picked out to benefit your group to make a bespoke workshop just for you.  Please  Contact us for further information.

If you are living with fatigue you will know how hard it can be to live life well whilst feeling as if you are being weighed down by an uncomfortable, demanding elephant!!  
Join us on what is a FUN workshop looking at ways of living a better life with fatigue.
The aim is to spend time bringing you ways and strategies to make life as good as it can be and to put you back in control, whatever the reason for your fatigue.
Best delivered in two session of 2 hours, but can be delivered in a half day too. We can also offer a bespoke course for your organisation. Contact us  to see how we can help 

5 Ways To Wellbeing

Living with a Long Term Condition

These 5 actions were developd by the New Economics Foundation who looked at all the evidence available as to how people can make a difference to their own wellbeing.  
Delivered over 3 sessions we will look at the 5 actions which are - Connect, Keep Learning, Be Active, Notice and Give in full detail. Lots of ideas and ways that you can make changes - some big, some small, to keep you well, enhance your quality of life and feel more empowered and happier. Often used in Recovery Services but can apply to anyone. 

​Mental Health Awareness 

Raising awareness about mental health and mental illness is of paramount importance. The stigma associated with a diagnosis of mental illness, or even just the thought of having that label, causes many people to live with untreated conditions and, sadly, in extreme cases, to end their own lives. This does not need to happen.
If you or your staff are dealing with members of the public they need to know about mental illness - it affects 1 in 4 people. What do you need to know? What do you need to do? Or NOT do?
Raising awareness everywhere and encouraging understanding and compassion will make a huge difference to the VERY many people who will become mentally ill. If your workplace or any other group that you belong to would like to learn more please contact us. We can provide Mental Health Awareness sessions from 1 hour to one day, including the MHFA half day Awareness course depending on your needs. Please contact us to see how we can fit in with what you need
Whatever your condition, you will find out at this two day workshop how to better manage living with a long term condition. It will help you to find a way to take back control. It will provide you with the space to think about what help you might need to make improvements to your life. It will help you to feel better about yourself and your contribution to the world.  
Please book us for your own group or organisation and we can tailor the sessions to your conition if necessary.
Remember - your condition does not define you.
Please contact us  to discuss what would work best for you 

​What is Recovery?
In the context of having a mental health condition - what is recovery? The headline news is that there IS hope - hope that you can live a better life, be well for long periods of time and learn to manage your condition to live a good life (as determined by you) with fewer crises. This has to be the hope of everyone - our quality of life is so important. This workshop will help you to understand your unique possibilites and what you might want to do to achieve them.
Sessions regularly held at Reading's Compass Recovery College - call for more details - 0118 937 3945