Unlock Your Wellbeing CIC
(CIC Number 10493358)
A Social Enterprise
                 I have worked for many years in Adult Social Care, Adult Mental Health and several Charities as both an employee and volunteer.
I believe an holistic approach is the best way to find REAL solutions that can be effective and sustainable. I am very interested in people's inner resources and resilience, and so my work is very much focused on these areas - allowing people to find their personal solutions in a compassionate and supportive environment.
I am passionate about supporting people to have the best quality of life possible whatever their situation. This is particularly important where mental health conditions are involved - I believe people can take measures to protect their mental health and prevent some mental health conditions developing. I also firmly believe that people can be supported to live a good life and that recovery is possible - I have seen it happen many times. There IS hope.

I am a qualified Life Coach and am also an Accredited Copeland Center Facilitator Trainer for delivering WRAP to groups and Individuals. I have also completed "Train the Trainer" training and Presentation Skills Training.
Please see  Here  for testimonials from those I have worked with.

Experienced, Adult Social Care, Adult Mental Health, Charity Work, Holistic, Qualified Life Coach, Accredited Copeland Center Facilitator Trainer for WRAP, Train the Trainer, Presentation Skills