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Mental Health FIrst Aid  

Many people are trained to act if someone becomes physically unwell - but what about people who become emotionally or mentally distressed? Would you know what to do? Do you want to find out more?
Mental Health FIrst Aid Training is a comprehensive 2 full day training course. All line managers are recommended to receive this training as well as all customer facing staff.
You will also learn a great deal about mental health conditions and how reducing the stigma associated with mental illness can really make a difference to us all.  
This is particularly important when it comes to reducing the number of people who end their lives by suicide - so strong is the taboo and stigma that suicide is the leading cause of death of men under 50. Many of these are preventable - MHFA is one way of addressing this issue.
As well as the full 2 day course we offer half day "Awareness" and one day "Champion" courses too - see more  HERE

How we can help you

 We are passionate about, and dedicated to, improving the wellbeing of people in our communities, and we offer a variety of ways to achieve this.
Whether at work or at home, one to one or in a group setting, we can support you in making changes to make your life more meaningful. We want you to be thriving not just surviving and for you to find more meaning and purpose in your life.
Work should be a stimulating and enjoyable place - but we know that for many people it is stressful. We are working with employers and employees to change this.
Good mental health is vital to us all and we will work in different ways to reduce the stigma and allow people to find meaning and purpose - we have seen this happen many many times - there is hope.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is life enhancing. It helps people to consider what is important in their life, how to achieve it, how to get the most out of LIFE. It will help you make decisions, contemplate your personal values, beliefs and strengths. How can you live your life getting all of these in place? How can you stop feeling like a square peg in a round hole?
Life Coaching is also a lot of fun, liberating and thought pr
ovoking.  It would be great if everyone could have Life Coaching every few years -  a bit like a service for a car!!
There are many reasons why people choose life coaching - many want to make changes - but often need a sounding board to consider their best move. Others have a particular issue that they are struggling with - such as work, relationships or just wanting to get more out of life.

Give it a try - its great!!

Health & Wellbeing Workshops

Wellbeing at Work

Mental Health Recovery

We provide some fantastic and effective Wellbeing Courses - which are received really well and have made real differences to people's lives. Our "Wellbeing Matters" course focuses on Happiness, Resilience and Wellbeing. 
Additionally, we offer self management courses for people with a long term condition and our VERY popular "Living Life Better with Fatigue". 
This is very effective and comprehensive and has made a real difference to the lives of many people with a variety of conditions, both physical and mental. 
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You already know that we spend a great proportion of our time at work. And for many people work is a source of meaning, purpose and acheivement. It brings them joy, friendships and fulfillment - and of course pays the bills. But what if work is not all of those things - what if there is a "culture" that makes you feel uncomfortable?  What if you aren't taken seriously? What if work is stressing you out? Maybe you are the boss and want to improve things? Maybe you are a manager and want to care for the wellbeing of your staff? We can help. Contact us now

Mental Illness can end - recovery is possible and likely - is that a surprise to you? Did you think mental illness was "permanent"? There has been a tremendous growth in learning about what helps recovery. We facilitate workshops in Recovery Colleges and in the community and can work one to one with people. WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Planning) is particulary effective and gives people a comprehensive structure to manage their lives.  Internationally renowned and wtih a lhuge evidence base behind it.
We offer other courses too - for example 5 Ways to Wellbeing & Undertanding Recovery