Unlock Your Wellbeing CIC
(CIC Number 10493358)
A Social Enterprise
Do you feel YOU could get more out of life?
As a Social Enterprise my aim is to improve happiness and wellbeing in the communities I work in.   How?  In 3 ways:-

Life Coaching

Wellbeing & Health Workshops

Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP)

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Wellness, Recocovery Action Standard, Living with a Health Condition, Living Life positively

Have YOU been thinking about Life Coaching? Then you have come to the right place.
Life Coaching is a brilliant experience and very effective. You will definitely benefit from allowing yourself the time and space to consider where you are now and where you want to be in the future.
I offer face to face Life Coaching sessions to help you clarify where you need to focus. I will work with you to find a really positive way fowards.
I can offer Life Coaching face to face in Wokingham, Bracknell and Reading  and also  by skype anywhere in the world
To find out more about what Life Coaching is -  please Click here for my FAQ's

Let's work together to make your life better!!

Whether you are an individual or an organisation, Wellbeing and Health workshops can be provided on the following subjects: ​​

1. Improving Life When You Have Fatigue - a great half day session full of solutions, strategies and FUN - yes, really! Can also be offered in two session of two hours if fatigue limits the potential participants

2. Increasing Happiness, Wellbeing and Resilience
Brilliant day (or can be delivered over 3 or 4 shorter sessions) for EVERYONE to enjoy and learn. Great for individuals, but also for team days, improving your workforce's resilience and letting your team have some fun. Let me now what works best for your team

3. Living with a long term condition - taking control back. You CAN learn to live a better and a happier life even if your health is not good. Best deleivered over 3 half days.
Click here for more details

4. See also 5 Ways to Wellbeing - on the right

5. Self Care for Carers - support for those who have a caring role, who can feel a bit overwhelmed or isolated, and would benefit from a bit of time and attention themselves!​

6. Mental Health Awareness - support for all organisations in what mental health is, what mental illness is and what steps an organisation may want or need to take to deal with its own staff, customers or members of the public​​
Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP) is a recovery model developed in America.

It is increasingly being used here in the UK to support anyone living with a Mental Health Condition.
It offers hope that recovery is possible and helps you achieve it.
In fact it can help anyone to live life in a more positive way.

I can work with organisations such as Mental Health Teams, Recovery Colleges and Mental Health Charities to deliver WRAP in a hugely cost effective and top quality way. I can also work with individuals - please Click here to find out more. 

5 Ways to Wellbeing - this is a fully evidence based series of actions that help people to stay emotionally well.  They were developed by the New Economics Foundation and are very helpful as a guide to anyone and particularly to those recovering from, or living with, a mental health condition. Lovely series of 3 workshops based on these 5 "Ways", that allow people to get back on track and provide guidance on what will make a positive difference. More here

Evaluation of Unlock Your Wellbeing Workshops 

Please click on the link below to read the report from Healthwatch Wokingham who provided a grant for the workshops to be delivered  in Wokingham in 2016


NEW!!!  See my article published on Life Coach Directory here

Report from "Happiness" Workshop in Bracknell May 2017 

See the report - below for details of the recent workshop on Happiness - held as part of Unlock Your Wellbeing's pledge to Brighter Berkshire to provide free workshops.